50th Anniversary - 1968/1969 to 2018/2019

In 2018/2019 the club celebrates it's 50th Anniversary. We are organising a number of celebratory activities. We would like to invite all present and past members to attend so if you know of anyone who is a past member of the club, direct them to this page so that we can invite them.

Past Members

If you have ever been involved with our club and would be interested in attending a function to celebrate, or if you can help with the search for any of the information below, please email swim@merrylandsasc.asn.au.

How you can Help

We need your help in celebrating our club's rich history. You can help in the following ways:
  • Photos & Videos - We are looking for photos or videos from Saturday Mornings, Club Carnivals, Other Carnivals, Swimming Training, Presentation Evenings, Past Members etc.
  • Programs, Results, Newsletters etc. - We are looking for copies of old Programs, Results, Club Newsletters etc. that can be lent or donated to the club.
  • Club Documents - Were you a past committee member? Do you have old documents or other files from your time on the committee. If so you can return these to the club.
  • Trophies - Do you have a club perpetual trophy that you forgot to return? If so we would love to get it back.
  • Uniforms & Memorabilia - Do you have a piece of old club uniform or memorabilia that you can lend or donate to the club such as old medals from swimming meets?
  • Member Profile - You could just tell us more about yourself and your time at the club, the year you joined, your memories, any achievements, positions held or jobs you did while a member. Funny stories about other members are also welcome! It doesn't matter if you were at the club for 1 year or 10, we would love to hear from you.
  • Spread the Word - Let anyone who used to attend the club know about the anniversary and direct then to this page.
  • Other Ways - Can you think of something else? Let us know!
If you can help with the search for any of the information above, please email us or complete the form here.

50th Anniversary Committee

If you have an questions, suggestions or can help with any of the items above, please contact a member of the club's 50th Anniversary Committee:

Margaret Edwards
Tricia Johnston
Ian Wilson