Committee Members and Office Bearers

Management Committee

Graham Edwards President
Leanne Tovkach Secretary
Ian Johnston Treasurer
Tricia Johnston Race Secretary
Danielle Vicic Social Secretary
Peter Johnston Vice-President
Ian Wilson
Alison Johnston
Vicki Baker
Margaret Edwards
Kylee Murray

Other Positions

Junior Vice President Margaret Edwards
Registrar Peter Johnston
Property Officer Margaret Edwards
Publicity Officer Vacant
Learn to Swim Coordinator Peter Johnston
Club Coach Peter Johnston
Competition Committee Tricia Johnston (Chairperson as Race Secretary)
Peter Johnston
Alison Johnston
Social Committee Danielle Vicic (Chairperson as Social Secretary)
Vicki Baker
Kylee Murray
Learn to Swim Committee Peter Johnston (Chairperson as Learn to Swim Coordinator)
Vicki Baker
Leanne Tovkach
Technical Official Coordinator Graham Edwards
Member Protection Officer Graham Edwards
Assistant Secretary Alison Johnston
Assistant Treasurer Vicki Baker
Assistant Publicity Officer Peter Johnston
Assistant Registrar Danielle Vicic
Referees Graham Edwards
Chief Timekeeper Vicki Baker
Assistant Timekeeper Danielle Vicic
Ian Wilson
Member Protection Information Officer Graham Edwards
Metro South West Delegates Graham Edwards
Margaret Edwards
Swimming NSW Delegate Peter Johnston
Masters Swimming NSW Delegates Peter Johnston