Club Races

Season Program & Time Record Sheet


There are five separate point score competitions run by the club on Saturday mornings.

Graded Races

Swimmers are graded in races based on their entry time and therefore swim with swimmers of similar ability. The concept behind this competition is for swimmers to swim against their time. The better they swim against their time, the greater number of points they receive.


Swimmers compete against swimmers of their own age group (age as at 1st October). There is also an Open Championship which is open to all ages providing they have competed in their age race and meet all qualifying criteria where noted on the race programme.

Senior Handicap

An event for Senior (17 years and over) swimmers.

Masters Aerobic Trophy

The Aerobic Trophy encourages swimmers to swim long distances to improve their health, fitness & endurance.

Relay Competition

An event for teams to compete against nominated entry times in a 4x50m Relay.

Other Events

Apart from the point score competitions there are a number of other fun activities spread throughout the season including Mystery Medleys, Skins Events, 50m & 25m Medleys, 25m Sprints, various Relays and other novelty events.

The Club's races are run in accordance with the club's Competition By-Laws which are available on the Governing Documents page.