Club Membership

Club Membership is for a 12 month period from 1st October to 30th September each year. The annual membership fee includes affiliation to Swimming NSW, Swimming Australia and insurance coverage.

There are four membership categories:
  • Non-Swimming (Dry) Member - For parents, Technical Officials, fans, coaches, volunteers, and supporters who wish to enjoy some of the benefits that the club have to offer, without getting in the pool.
  • Recreational Swimmer - For Squad or Learn to Swim participants.
  • Club Swimmer - For swimmers who only want to compete in our Club Races and meets run by our club (e.g. Merrylands SwimFest).
  • Full Swimming Member - For swimmers who wish to compete at club races as well as meets state-wide and nationally.

How to Join

See the How to Join page for information on how to apply for Club Membership.

Membership Fees

The Club Membership Fees for 2021/2022 are listed below. The fees include the Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia Membership fees.
  • Non-Swimming (Dry) Member: $23
  • Recreational Swimmer: $50
  • Club Swimmer (8yrs & Under): Free*
  • Club Swimmer (9yrs & Over): $70
  • Full Swimming Member: $86
Additional Fees for Masters Membership:
  • Masters Member (12 months): $75
  • Masters Member (16 months): $99.50

Free* Membership for 8yrs & Under

Swimmers 8yrs & Under, who regularly swim in our club races or train in our squad program may be eligible to receive a reimbursment on their membership fees. For more details, see the Free Membership page.

Masters Membership

Members also have the option of registering as a Masters member which enables them to swim in Masters Competitions. Masters Membership is for a 12 month period from 1st January to 31st December each year. The annual membership fee includes affiliation to Masters Swimming NSW, Masters Swimming Australia and insurance coverage for Masters Swimming Competitions.
16 month membership options are also available to new members, however these are only available between September and December each year.