Information & Conditions for Attendees

Attendee Information

Attendees must read and understand the below information concerning restrictions in place due to COVID-19.
Attendees who do not comply with the below conditions will be asked to leave and may not be permitted to attend future activities.

  • Any swimmer, volunteer, coach or spectator who is feeling unwell in any way or has symptoms or signs of COVID-19 must not attend club activities until a full recovery has taken place.
  • Any swimmer, volunteer, coach or spectator that has tested positive for COVID-19:
    • must not attend club activities for at least 5 days after testing positive, regardless of showing acute symptoms
    • must not attend club activities until the acute symptoms (such as a runny nose, sore throat, fever, cough) have gone
    • should not return to training or competition until they can easily manage their usual daily activities without shortness of breath or severe fatigue
  • Any swimmer, volunteer, coach or spectator that lives with or has spent a long time* with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 may attend club activities only if they comply with all of the following for at least 7 days following the positive test:
    • must not have symptoms
    • must have completed a negative RAT or PCR test before attending each activity
    • must maintain physical distancing
    • must remain in outdoor areas (no access to the club room)
  • It is swimmer's responsibility to ensure they have completed qualifying swims for club championships (see below)
* e.g. you spent the evening indoors with them, drove a long distance together or you looked after children who are now positive

Championship Eligibility

The Club By-Laws set out the Eligibility to Compete in Championships (By-Law 21). Some key points to remember are:

  • Only Financial First Claim Members are eligible to compete in Championships;
  • Entrants must have swum that stroke and that distance in the current season.

It is therefore important to plan your swims so that you have swim the stroke and distance if you plan to compete in the Championship for that stroke and distance. The season program sets out the Championship dates to allow appropriate planning of your swims.

There are many situations that may arise which impact on swimmers plans. These situations may mean for example that the pool is closed for club races or the individual swimmer may have circumstances which preclude them from swimming at a particular time (for example COVID-19 health guidelines constantly being changed and updated). All members must continue to comply with health guidelines that are in place and there may be circumstances arise which impact on your ability to swim the stroke and distance in eligibility preparation.

As such the Committee strongly recommends that swimmers plan and undertake their eligibility swims as early in the season as possible, rather than leaving these swims to the last week available before the Championship event is to be swum.

A failure by a swimmer to swim an eligibility swim will preclude their participation in that Championship.