Free Membership for 8yrs & Under

This season, thanks to Club Merrylands, we are providing Free Membership for swimmers 8yrs & Under, who regularly swim in our club races. The free membership is provided in the way of a reimbursement of membership fees paid, and is limited to the first 30 registrations who meet the criteria below.

The Criteria

To be eligible you must:
  • Be a First Claim Member in the Club Swimmer category or above
  • 8yrs & Under at the time you pay your membership fee
  • Be either:
    • An existing swimmer who participated in 25% or more of Club Races in the previous season
    • A new swimmer who participated in a 4 week trial of club races and attended at least 75% of these 4 weeks.
Swimmers who are only participating in Learn to Swim or Squad Training are not eligible.
Only the cost of the Club Swimmer membership fee will be reimbursed if you join in a higher category.

To Claim

To claim your reimbursement:
  1. Register as a Swimmer in the Club Swimmer category or above
  2. Complete the Reimbursement Form, providing your bank account details

    Request a Reimbursement

  3. The club will assess your eligibility and if eligible, will reimburse the membership fee to your bank account
Club Merrylands