Mr Ian Johnston, Life Member

Ian Johnston joined the club shortly after his eldest two children became members in 1986/87.

Ian was President of the club for 6 years from 1991 to 1996 and was instrumental in the building of our new club room, the incorporation of the club and the re-writing of the club’s constitution in 1993. During his time as President, Ian was also a driving force behind the search for a professional coach for the club, culminating in the appointment of Kristen Sunner in 1994.

After stepping down as President, Ian took on the role of Secretary in 1997 and then Treasurer in 2001.

Ian has also worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the years, helping to organising various club activities including, swim meets, trivia nights, club trips, presentation evenings and organising club uniforms and sponsors for the club.

Ian is a qualified Timekeeper, Starter, Marshal and Check Starter and has been a Club Delegate to Cumberland in the past.

President 1991 to 1996
Secretary 1997
Treasurer 2001 to present