Mrs Patricia Johnston, Life Member

Patricia Johnston joined the club shortly after her eldest two children became members in 1986/87.

Tricia has been a member of the club’s Committee since the late 1980s, filling various positions over this time; first as Assistant Race Secretary then Social Secretary and Assistant Race Secretary again until 1997. In 1998 Tricia took on the role of Race Secretary of the club for 5 years until 2002. In 2003 Tricia was the club’s Assistant Secretary, Assistant Race Secretary again in 2004 and Race Secretary again in 2005.

In her more than 15 years as a committee member, Tricia has seen the club go through numerous changes, none bigger than the way the club’s weekly results are recorded. Originally recorded on large time sheets (similar to the swimmers individual time sheets) with points and results worked out manually, times are now stored in a computerised system with points calculated automatically.

Tricia has also worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the years, helping to organising various club activities including, swim meets, trivia nights, club trips, presentation evenings and learn to swim and also organising club uniforms.

Tricia has been a Cumberland/Metro South West Delegate since 1998 and is also a qualified Timekeeper and Finish Judge.

Social Secretary 1992
Race Secretary 1998 to 2002, 2005 to present
Assistant Race Secretary 1997, 2003 to 2004
Assistant Secretary 2004
Cumberland Delegate 1998 to 2010
Merrylands ASC Service Excellence Award 2011