Mr Ronald Peacock, Life Member

Ronald Peacock joined the club in 1971.

Ron was on the Race Committee from 1971 till the 1980s and also on the Management Committee as the Club's Secretary from 1974 to 1978 and President in 1981.

Ron used to transport the old club BBQ from his house, where it was stored, to the pool whenever needed and also provided the use of his car for the club float in the Holroyd Family Festival Parade. During the 1980's, Ron also organised sponsorship for the club t-shirts from Brambles.
Ron is a qualified Timekeeper, Finish Judge, Starter, Marshall/Check Starter and Recorder and was also the Club Referee with Glad Pye from 1982 until 1991.

At District level, Ron was also a delegate to the Cumberland District for several years.

Race Committee 1971 to 1980s
Secretary 1974 to 1978
President 1981