Mrs Joanne Deshto née Melville, Life Member

Joanne Melville joined the club as a 12 year old in 1982, along with her father, sister and two brothers.

In 1985 Jo became involved in the club's Learn to Swim program and became the club's Chief Learn to Swim Officer in 1989, a position she held for 13 years until stepping down in 2002. As Chief Learn to Swim Officer, Joanne worked tirelessly organising the weekly lessons each season as part of NSW Swimming's Learn-To-Swim-Free Campaign.
Not only did she organise the lessons, she also helped numerous members to gain their qualifications as NSW Swimming Learn to Swim Instructors over the years.

Joanne's commitment to Learn to Swim and the club showed in her final two seasons as Chief Learn to Swim Officer. Despite being unable to attend the club's races as regularly as she had in the past, she stayed on in the position at the request of the club committee to train other members to take over the position in the future.

Apart from her Learn to Swim role, for a number of years Joanne also acted as the club's marshal on Saturday mornings. At this time, marshalling took place on the piece of concrete that the large sun shelter has now been erected over at the start end of the pool (where the old pace clock used to stand). This piece of concrete had a loose grate that swimmers liked to stand on and rock back and forth while waiting to be marshalled, creating a very loud noise. A Saturday didn't go by without hearing Joanne tell swimmers to "Get off that grate!".

Jo was the female Club Captain in 1985, 1987 & 1988 and became one of the club's youngest ever Presidents when she was elected to the position as a 18 year old in 1989.

Married in 1993, Joanne Deshto now has 3 children, all boys.

Club Captain 1985, 1987, 1988
President 1989
Chief Learn to Swim Officer 1989 to 2002
1993 - Merrylands A.S.C. Inc. 25th Anniversary Carnival