Relay Competition

The aim of this competition is for teams to nominate a time that they will swim against throughout the season. Points are awarded to teams on the basis of how close they swim to their nominated time with the team swimming closest to their time receiving the most points.

Team Entry Form

This is a once only form that each team needs to complete to enter their team and nominate their time before the first competition relay swim this week.

Enter your Team

Remember there is a maximum of 6 team members only per team. The cost of team entry is $12 and a link will be emailed to the team to pay this online once the form is completed.

Weekly Swimmer Nominations

This is a weekly form that the team needs to complete before swimming the relay to nominate the 4 team members who will swim that week.

Nominate your Swimmers

2023/2024 Placings

Name Pts
1 Grumpy Old Men 92
2 Merry Ladies 85
3 Cousins 43
4 Princess of Merrylands 18