Some major changes will occur over the next 12 months to the way swimming competitions are conducted, as a result of Swimming Australia’s new Junior Sport Policy.

The Policy addresses a number of areas, one of which is keeping swimmers involved in the sport for the long term. Currently there is an estimated 30% dropout every year and the view is that younger swimmers are being pushed too hard, too early, creating a situation where swimmers are dropping out of the sport at an early age.

To change this trend, the approach to competition will be changed, with and emphasis on fun and development. The changes are expected to include:

10yrs & Under
• No State Championships
• Regional/District Championships for 10yrs only (no 10yrs & Under)
• No “Championship” events at Regional/District for 9yrs & Under where medals are to be presented
• Recognition of participation at all State run or sanctioned events
• Modified rules - no disqualifications, meets no longer than 4 hours, no one-start rule

11-12 Years
• State, Regional/District Championships for 11yrs (no 11yrs & Under)
• Championship events no longer than 400m
• Not eligible for Open Water events

13yrs & Over
• No Change

These changes are supported by the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association and it is proposed that the policy will be implemented from 1st October, 2005. The full policy can be viewed on the Swimming Australia website.

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