The 2005 Cumberland Sprint Meet which was due to be held at the E.G. Whitlam Centre on Saturday, 19th March has been cancelled due to a lack of Technical Officials.

The Sprint Meet was due to be held following the completion of the 5-8yrs Meet, which will be held at the Whitlam Centre on the same day, however Cumberland had insufficient officials to fill all the positions required to run the meet.

This is not the first time that Cumberland has had trouble getting officials to work at the Sprint Meet. The last two seasons the meet has been held at the Prairiewood Leisure Centre with the bare minimum of officials. This season it had been planned to hold the meet at Merrylands Swimming Centre and our club had offered to provide a good number of officials to work at the meet to ensure it's smooth running. However, Cumberland decided to move the meet to the Whitlam Centre to enable it to be run in conjunction with the 5-8yrs Meet.

The Sprint Meet was to form part of the selection criteria for some of the Cumberland Development Squads but now that will not be the case. The selections will based on performances at the other selection events that have already been held this season.

Our members have achieved some good results at the meet over recent years and hopefully it will make a return to the calendar next year.

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