Aldermen of Holroyd Municipal Council have congratulated the staff at Merrylands Swimming Pool on the way it has been run.

At the last meeting of council, Aid. H. L. Maley said ratepayers had congratulated the pool staff on the attendances at the pool and the attention given to the 'boisterous' element.

Pool attendants have cracked down on rowdy behaviour and horseplay.

Ald. W. Try supported Ald. Maley.

He added that the Merrylands Swimming Club which has the pool as its base, is going from strength to strength.

The club has 250 members, and at the present rate of growth could soon become the largest, swimming club in the State.

Attendance figures at the pool for the two weeks previous to the council meeting had been included in a report to the council.

The figures showed more than 30,000 people had used the pool in this short time.

Children comprised the bulk of the figure with the turnstiles recording an amazing 19,614.

A further 397 were admitted under children's concessions.

Paying adults totalled 7132 with 389 being admitted under concessions.

The pool, opened less than three months ago, on November 9, and already more than 115,000 have passed through the turnstiles.

At the official opening, performed by the Mayor of Holroyd, Ald. R. W. Devlin, it was announced that the $400,000 pool was the second completed by the Holroyd Council in three years.

The opening days gave a good indication of the demand for the pool.

Thousands of children and their parents turned up for the ceremony.

After the opening ceremony Ald. Devlin declared "open house" and within minutes there was hardly room to move in any of the pools in the centre.

The swimming club took little time to begin full-scale operations.

Club officers were elected and within five weeks the membership rose to 120.

Since that time, a further 130 have joined the ranks.