The 2009 Winter Season hits the water on Saturday, 4th April, 2009. This year our winter competition will again feature the new events such as the 3x50m Knockout Freestyle Skins, 2x50m Handicap Relay and 2x50m Random Relay that proved so popular last season.

This year though, the 25m Freestyle Sprint Challenge has been expanded to included the formstrokes and the 50m Individual Medley has been formally added to the program.

The 50m Individual Medley is for swimmers who don't swim 50m in one or more strokes. In the IM they only have to do 12.5m of each stroke.

In the Knockout Skins, 4 swimmers go head to head over three 50m sprints with only a 2 minute gap between each one. The catch is the last swimmer to touch the wall in each 50m is knocked out until it is just one-on-one in the final heat.

The Handicap Relay consists of teams of 2 swimmers who are given a time handicap to give all teams a chance of winning the race, while the Random Relay also consists of teams of two swimmers picked by the race committee to create teams of similar speed to also give all teams a chance of winning the race.

If you do another sport during winter, don't worry, most weeks we are finished by 8am so you will have plenty of time to have a swim, so come and join us.

Due to Easter and ANZAC Day, this year the season will run for only 4 weeks until the pool closes on May 10th.

The Winter Season Program is available for download from the Club Races page and the Winter Race By-Laws are available on the Governing Documents page.

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