Entries for the 2002 NSW Metropolitan Championships close on Saturday, 16th November, 2002. The entries are to be on Multi-Entry Cards.

To compete at these championships you must have achieved the required qualifying time. The time must have been achieved at a “District Approved Meet”.

Meets that are not District Approved include:
School Swimming Carnivals (School, District/Zone, and some Regional/Area)
RSL Meets
RSL Club nights

You can not use times achieved at these meets and entries will not be accepted if these times are used.

If you want to qualify on a Saturday Morning during Club Races you must mark your entry card “Qualifying Attempt”. You can also qualify at the Cumberland A.S.A. Qualifying Meet.

The Entry Times should also be related to the course in which the Meet is to be conducted with the appropriate constant added or subtracted from the time.

Your Multi-Entry cards must be completely filled out including date and place that times were achieved. Entries must also include your registration number.

Only accredited coaches will have access to the Pool Deck at the meet. Parents are reminded that they are not permitted on the Pool Deck or in the Marshalling Area at any time.

For more information on NSW meets read the Championship Procedures information in the Swim Meets Section.

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