Lachlan Stewart and Charlotte Neill both won the Graded Pointscore for the first time at the club's Annual Presentation Evening last weekend.

Lachlan and Charlotte were presented with the new Pointscore Champion shields which replaced the now full Michael Rossek and Ronald Exley Memorial Trophies this season. Both were clear winners, with Lachlan nearly 100 points ahead of his nearest rival.

Another first time winner at the presentation was Steven Nguyen. In a close finish, Steven won the Senior Handicap in his first season in the competition. Steven was also presented with the inaugural Learn to Swim Volunteer of the Year Award for his assistance in running the club's Learn to Swim Program this season.

Brittany Johnson was presented with the Champion of Champions Award for a record breaking 5th time. Brittany won the Senior and Open Womens Championships, breaking 12 club championship records along the way and also represented the club at the Area and Metropolitan Championships.

Fady Farid was presented with The Jack Smart Encouragement Award after steadily improving over the season. In another first, the Relay Competition title was won by a new team, "The Grumpy Old Men" (Graham Edwards, Ian Johnston, Ian Wilson, Darren Sloane, Jim Legge, David Johnson) at their first attempt. Ian Wilson was presented with the P-Plate Award for "Outstanding Commitment to the Senior Handicap" while Janet Sloane was presented with the Lions Club Award for her volunteer work throughout the season which included organisation of the 40th Anniversary activities.

In our Winter Season Jacob Killick won the male Graded Pointscore competition for the first time while Belinda Sloane won her third straight female Graded Pointscore competition.

Six awards were presented to members of Merrylands Swimming Squad for their efforts at Swimming Training throughout the season. All swimmers were deserved recipients of the Coach's Awards with Carl Sorensen, Jessica Adamson, Angela Gardner, Brittany Johnson, Richard Hamwi and Graham Edwards all taking home a club beanie while Simon Johnston was also presented with a beanie for his contribution to the club's relay teams during the season.

Six swimmers were also presented with Swimming Australia Junior Excellence Awards. Timothy Tunks achieved the Gold Standard, Samuel Killick and Rebecca Tuivawa achieved the Bronze Standard, and Angela Gardner, Reece Tulloch and Belinda Sloane achieved the Green Standard.

The night was very enjoyable and those people that stayed after the presentation had a good time.

Thank you to all the people who helped organise the presentation and who helped throughout the season.

You can find the season results in the Club Races section and the full list of other awards presented on the night in the Presentation section.

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Trophies waiting to be presented at the 2008/09 Presentation Evening held on Saturday, 30th May, 2009.
    Trophies waiting to be presented at the 2008/09 Presentation Evening held on Saturday, 30th May, 2009.