Summer is fast approaching so it’s time to find those costumes and goggles and get ready to hit the heated water.

Training resumes at Merrylands Swimming Centre on Tuesday 5th October and our club races will begin with a new look program and Fun Day on Saturday, 9th October.

Registration for 2010/2011 is now open and members will soon receive instructions via email on how to re-register for the summer.

This year renewing members must register through the Swimming NSW Membership System on the Internet. Payments for registrations must also be made through this system via Credit/Debit Card.
We understand that there will be some members who are unable to renew their membership online for various reasons. If you are unable to re-register online for any reason, please contact us and we can make alternative arrangements for you.

Members in the Learn to Swim program will not be able to join or renew online. Learn to Swim Members will have to register on the Learn to Swim Registration & Grading Day.

All parents and adults who regularly attend the Club Races on Saturday mornings are required to join the club as Non Swimming Members (unless they want to swim).
There are a number of benefits to being a registered member of the club. Members are entitled to vote at Annual General and Special General meetings, vote for our Club Captains and can be recognised for their service to the club through awards such as the Lions Club Award or Life Membership. Other benefits of membership can be found here.

This year, swimmers 18yrs & Over will again have the option of registering as a Masters Competitor. This allows them to participate in Masters Swimming activities including Masters Only competitions on Saturday Mornings.

There will be a number of special events this summer including a trip to Jamberoo, the GoSwim Fun Days and exciting SpringSkins. The program for the Summer Season and the Time Record Sheet can be found in the Club Races section.

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Merrylands Swimming Centre on a sunny Saturday morning - there is no better place to be.
    Merrylands Swimming Centre
    Merrylands Swimming Centre on a sunny Saturday morning - there is no better place to be.