There are a number of volunteer positions that need to be filled for the 2002 National Age Championships. If you would like to nominate for one of these positions you must fill a form this Saturday. The Championships will be held at the Sydney Aquatic Centre, Homebush Bay from Monday 9 April to Saturday 13 April, 2002.

Sport Marshall
A number of sport marshals will be required at each session of the meet to ensure the safety of teams. Sport marshals will be allocated checkpoints to monitor during each session and will be instructed by the volunteer coordinator on who does and doesn’t get into certain areas. Adults are required for these positions.

Results Runners
Three students aged 12 years plus are required to be results runners during the event. It is preferred that the same three runners attend all heat and final sessions. The ASI Events Coordinator shall provide the results runners with a list of persons to receive the results. The results will be obtained from the chief recorder and then photocopied for distribution.

Chief Basket Handler
One adult is required to be the chief basket handler. It is preferred that the same person fills this position at each finals session. The person shall coordinate all the basket handlers during the event ensuring that they look and act professional and provide them with guidance during the event.

Basket Handlers
Clubs are invited to nominate groups of 10 children aged between 8yrs to 11yrs+. The basket handlers are required for final sessions only. They will need to be attired in the same club uniform and there will be only five clubs selected. They will work directly under the chief basket handler.

Medal Winner Chaperones
Three adults are required each finals session to chaperone the medal winners from when they get out of the pool to when they go to the medal presentation area.

Medal Assistants
Three girls aged 15 years and over are required to assist with medal presentations. They will prepare medals required for each presentation and provide to the presenters. Girls need to be the same each night and will all be dressed in the same attire (financial assistance provided by Australian Swimming).

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