The new Swimming Metro South West Area is running a competition to select a logo for the new Area.

Submissions have now closed and the procecss of selecting the logo has begun. The area has received a number of submissions for the new logo from members and clubs throughout the area.

Swimming Metro South West Member Clubs will be required to vote for one of these logos at the May Area meeting. So to help our club committee to decide which logo to vote for, all First Claim Financial Members of Merrylands A.S.C. are invited to give their opinion to our club’s committee by selecting their top 3 logos from the list of submissions.

Preferences should be provided, along with your name, on the appropriate form (available at club races and training) and placed in the club box or sent via email to before 6pm on Monday, 28th April, 2008.

Preferences should be provided as follows:
   3 points for the first preference
   2 points for the second preference
   1 point for the third preference

The club will then use this feedback in deciding on which logo to vote for.

The logo submissions can be downloaded here.

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