Merrylands SwimFest

Entries for the 2024 Merrylands SwimFest are now open through our website. Our members get a 25% discount off their entries, so make sure you click the correct button to get your club member rate. Entries close on 3rd February, 2024.

See the SwimFest section of our website for all the details.

Junior Swimmer Results

Congratulations to the following swimmers on breaking the times in the 15m, 25m & 33m races recently: (* broken at first attempt)

25m Freestyle

  • Christian Jambazian *
  • Anna Johnston

33m Freestyle

  • Christian Jambazian *
  • Marcus Chan

33m Backstroke

  • Jude Johnston

Well done also to Patrick Hannan, Gabriella Assi and Damien Chan who all completed their first 200m Freestyle.

800m Freestyle Championships

The 800m Freestyle Championships will be held next week. A reminder that to qualify for these Championships you must have achieved a time of 6:45 or faster in the 400m Freestyle this season.

Qualifying for Championships

While we are on the topic of Championships, remember you must have completed an event in the current season to be eligible to compete in the championship for that event.

Toowoon Bay Ocean Swim

Congratulations to Tomas Dlesk and Petra Vozenilkova who competed in their first Ocean Swim last weekend at Toowoon Bay.

Well done to Tomas who took home bragging rights over mum Petra.

A great achievement from two of our newest swimmers. Well done to both of you and keep up the good work in the pool!

If you are interested in trying an Ocean Swim, you can find one near you at

Squad Training over December/January

Are you going away at all over December or January?

Then make sure you fill in the form on our website to let our coaches know when you will be away.

Entries for Club Races

Entries for Club Races are open for the rest of the year, so don’t forget to get yours in on time.

Whales Challenge #2

Whales Challenge #2 is coming on 16th December. Can White stage a comeback or will Maroon reign supreme?

Get your entries in so that you don’t let your team down!

Club Uniforms

See the Property Officer, Margaret Edwards for any questions about club uniforms and place an order online.

Bring a Friend

Did you know your friends can Come & Try club races for up to 4 weeks without being a member? Just get them to sign up here.

Lions Club Award

Have you seen someone going out of their way to provide invaluable help at Club?

Then why not recognise their contribution by nominating them for the Lions Club Award?

Nominations can be made online here.

Timekeeping Tip

For all events, all Timekeepers stop their stopwatch at the instant any part of the swimmer's body in their lane makes contact with the finish wall.

The method of touch, particularly in form strokes, is not the responsibility of the Timekeeper.

It is the referee’s job to determine if the swimmer has touched the wall correctly.

Swimming NSW has a free online Timekeeping Course that we encourage all our timekeepers to complete. It takes less than 1 hour to complete. Even if you are a qualified Timekeeper, it is a great refresher.

To find more information about officiating see the Swimming NSW website here.

P-Plate Award

The meet is ready to start. The swimmers are ready and waiting behind the blocks. The timekeepers are in position. Or are they? Suddenly the wireless connection to one of the watches has disappeared.

“What’s going on here?” the timing system operator mumbles to himself. “What’s happened to 4A”?

He runs to the far end of the pool calling out for the timekeeper who has 4A, wondering on the way, “Has the watch been turned off? Has the battery gone flat?” But he gets there and they are nowhere to be seen. Are they at the wrong end? No. Where are they?

Suddenly the timekeeper reappears. No wonder we lost the signal – the watches have a good range, but don’t work from the car park!

And that is how you win the P-Plate award!

Have you seen something similar that will get retold again and again? If so, nominate the person here.

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, 23rd of December. This morning will consist of Club Races, followed by Novelty Events and a BBQ.

So, make sure you hang around to celebrate the first half of the season and a great year.

Upcoming Meet Calendar

Check the website for the full list of upcoming meets, closing dates, programs and qualifying times.




NSW Open Water Championships

Sunday 17th December & Monday 18th December

Tuesday 5th December

Speedo Sprint Heats



Merrylands SwimFest

Saturday 17th February

Saturday, 3rd February

NSW Senior Metrop Championships

Saturday 24th February &

Sunday 25th February


Speedo Sprint Finals

Saturday 2nd March

Heat qualification

NSW State Open Championships

Friday 15th March to Sunday 17th March


NSW Junior State Age Championships

Saturday 23rd March to Sunday 24th March