Mrs Margaret Edwards née Smart, Life Member

Margaret Smart joined the club in the second year of it’s existence in 1969 to improve her swimming technique. Margaret attended daily morning & afternoon training sessions with Mr Earl & Mr Harry Vella, and also attended weekly races, which were initially held on Friday nights.

Margaret swam representing the club at friendly carnivals (eg at the Windsor 20 metre pool) and at Cumberland District meets from her first year until the 1980’s. Her dad Jack was a timekeeper and the family would troop along to various carnivals in the Cumberland District. She also achieved her Bronze Cross & Bronze Medallion in Life Saving during the 1970’s.

Whilst not holding any “official” positions within the club, Margaret (and her side-kick Glenda) have acted as marshals for club races for too many years to remember. They have also marshalled at various club carnivals (such as the Holroyd Family Festival).

Although Margaret and her husband Graham's children are no longer members of the club, Margaret continues to provide great support to the club's Saturday Morning Races, Club Carnivals and Presentation Evenings. Margaret's contribution to the club's Presentation Evenings has been invaluable as she has been a member of the Trophy Committee since the mid 1990's, helping to select trophies and set them up for the Presentation Evening each year.

Trophy Committee 1990s to present
Merrylands ASC Service Excellence Award 2011
1971 - Presentation Evening Club Races 1974 - Presentation Evening 2005 - Check Starting at the Merrylands SwimFest 2008 - Presentation Evening