Apologies for providing this information out later than usual - we know many of you are keen to resume training. Cumberland Council did not decide the operating hours of Merrylands Swimming Centre until the end of last week, which has delayed our planning for training to recommence at Merrylands.

Enrolments for all squads are now open.

Not sure what squad you are in? Please email to ask.

Swimmers who trained at Guildford over the last few months have been booked into sessions at Merrylands this week, based on their sessions before the school holidays. Sessions for all other swimmers will start on Monday, 12th October.

All swimmers must complete new enrolment forms and their club membership. The steps to follow are detailed below:

  1. Complete your Club Membership renewal
  2. Complete the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Questionnaire
  3. Complete your Squad Enrolment
  4. Purchase your Squad Multi-Session Pass

Important Changes for this Year

There will be a number of changes this season due to COVID-19. These are detailed below:

Squad Fees

Swimmers must not attend sessions if unwell, for any reason. It is also possible sessions may need to be cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

To facilitate this, while restrictions are in force, fees will be charged per-session, rather than per-month, on a sliding scale. If you can't attend a session, as long as you cancel your booking, you won't be charged for the session. The total fees you will pay in a month will be the equivalent of the monthly fee in previous seasons.

To pay your fees, you will purchase a Multi-Session Pass through our online store. Value will be deducted from the pass each session you attend.

For more information, or to purchase your pass, see the Squad Fees page on the website.

Pool Entry

Pool Entry must be paid for using a Council Pool Entry Pass, or a Fitness Passport. Council are not accepting Cash Payments.

All Swimmers: Come ready to scan your card on entry (or sign on the Fitness Passport sheet)
All Spectators: Be ready to sign in at the entrance for Council contact tracing. You must also sign in online for the club's contact tracing (yes, you must do both).


Spectators will now be permitted at sessions, but must follow the restrictions in our COVID-19 Safety Plan as detailed in the Squad Conditions.


There are a large number of changes to our Squad Conditions due to COVID-19. These have been reviewed again for our return to Merrylands and cover both swimmers and spectators. Please read them and ensure they are followed.

Training Schedule

There have been changes to the Training Schedule due to COVID-19.

Due to the capacity of the Club Room, there will be no land warm-up for the Novice and Junior Squads, or the morning squads. Exercise mats will not be available for use.

There will be no second session on Saturday mornings.

Session Bookings

Under the current COVID-19 restrictions we are required to limit the number of swimmers in a session, and maintain attendance records.

Swimmers will be booked into a session based on their enrolment. If you can't attend a session, you must cancel your booking through the booking system.
If you want to attend another session, it also must be booked through the booking system.

You will only be able to book into a session if there is space.

Active Kids Vouchers

Want to use an Active Kids Voucher to pay for your Squad Training? You can use an Active Kids Voucher to pay for up to $100 of your squad fees.

Voucher details can be entered when you complete your Squad Enrolment. See the Squad Fees page on the website for more details.

Training at Merrylands Swimming CentreTraining resumes at Merrylands Swimming Centre on Monday, 12th October, 2020.
Training at Merrylands Swimming Centre
Training resumes at Merrylands Swimming Centre on Monday, 12th October, 2020.