Updated: 25th February, 2022

During COVID-19 restrictions, the following conditions apply, in addition to the standard Information and Conditions.

Where there is a conflict, between the two, the conditions below take precedence.

Swimmers or spectators who do not comply with the conditions will not be permitted to attend sessions.

  • You will be booked into your sessions based on your enrolment form.
  • All changes to sessions must be made through the booking system.
  • Squad fees will be on a per-session basis and must be paid in advance via debit/credit card.
  • If you cannot attend a session, you must cancel via the booking system by 3:45pm on the day of the session. Your squad fee will not be forfeited for cancelled sessions.
  • Swimmers are required to have all their own equipment. Swimmers are not permitted to share equipment or drink bottles. Food and drink should not be shared.
  • Swimmers and spectators must follow the NSW Health Information for people exposed to COVID-19.
    Swimmers or household members of people who are identified as:
    • High Risk: No household member may attend training until all household members are cleared to leave isolation.
    • Moderate Risk: No household member may attend training until the person exposed has returned a negative Rapid Antigen or PCR Test
    • Low Risk: The exposed person must not attend training if symptoms occur. The exposed person must follow the testing and isolation instructions for Low Risk contact.
  • Any swimmer, coach or spectator who is feeling unwell in any way, or has symptoms or signs of COVID-19 must not attend the pool until full recovery has taken place.
  • Parents and Spectators should stay out of the areas highlighted on the maps below.

Merrylands Swimming Centre Map

Green = Swimmer Warm-Up Area
Red = Coaches & Swimmers Only