Club Captains

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the positions of Male and Female Club Captains. We are pleased to advise that nominations were received for:

Male Captain

Female Captain

Matthew Vicic

Ameena Abdelraheem

Leo Zhu

Darla Assi


Laura-Belle Casey


Niushka Shrestha

A nomination was also received for a member who was not aged 14 years and over as at 1st October, so this nomination was not accepted.

All financial first claim members are eligible to vote for these positions. Voting will be available online and concludes next Saturday (11th November, 2023). The announcement of the Club Captains for 2023/2024 will be made the following week.

Relay Competition

The Relay Competition point score races start today. Only teams who have nominated and submitted their entry time are eligible to compete. The competition runs over 10 weeks (concluding on 23rd March, 2024 (last day of club races).

Enter your team here.

Whales Challenge # 1

Last Saturday we held the first of the three Whales Challenges for the season. Congratulations to everyone in the Maroon team who scored a total of 1,247 points, finishing over the top of the White team, who scored 1,043 points.

But don’t despair, there are another two Whales Challenges to be held during the season, so the White team can make a strong comeback to level the series. The second Whales Challenge will be held on Saturday 16th December, 2023.

An IM Skins event was held as part of the Whales Challenge, seeing the 8 fastest swimmers from the Championship events held earlier in the morning, racing down the pool in four knockout races. The final two to fight out the last race were Leo Zhu & Matthew Vicic. Congratulations to Leo Zhu who came out on top to claim bragging rights.

Look out for the Captain’s Freestyle Skins event to be held as part of Whales Challenge #2.

Parramatta Inter-Club Cup

Entries are open for the Parramatta Inter-Club.

Help our club retain our title after winning the cup last year. We encourage everyone to enter and help us take on Parramatta City and McCredie Park at Granville Swimming Centre on Saturday, 11th November, 2023 starting at 3.00pm.

Cost is $4.00 per event (plus transaction fee) and pool entry is free for all competitors and spectators. Entries close this coming Thursday (9th November 2023) at 9.00pm.

Lions Club Award

We are looking for your help in recognising those members who provide service to the club, over and above their normal duties.

The Committee vote on monthly nominees each month. So, if you would like to nominate a club member to be considered for their service submit your nomination here.

Club Uniforms

See the Property Officer, Margaret Edwards for any questions about club uniforms, or click here.

Pool Entry for Squad Training

A reminder that club members receive discounted pool entry when participating in club activities, including Squad Training. All swimmers must pay pool entry when attending these activities. Spectators attending Squad Training receive free entry, but only if they are spectating swimmers in the squad. If they are swimming in the public areas or spectating non-squad members, the normal pool entry fees apply.

Pool Staff may ask club members to show their membership card when paying their pool entry or purchasing a Club Member Pass. Your membership card can be accessed from Swim Central following these instructions.

Championship races

The first of our Club Championship races were held last Saturday. These were the 200 metres Individual Medley for 10 years to Seniors & Veterans Age groups. We held two heats as Open Championship races and the results were then split into ages to determine the Age Championship results.

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed. The results were:

10 Years Girls

Lillian Zhu

15 Years Womens

Niushka Shrestha

Senior Womens

Alison Sakurovs

Veteran Womens

Kylee Murray

10 Years Boys

Patrick Hannan

13 Years Boys

Daniel Vicic

14 Years Boys

Leo Zhu ***

16 Years Mens

Matthew Vicic ***

Senior Mens

Peter Johnston

Veteran Mens

Ian Willson ***

Ian Johnston

We also saw three Championship records broken during the morning. These were broken by:

  • Leo Zhu (2002 record held by Todd Jenkin)
  • Matthew Vicic (2009 record held by Anthony Ventra)
  • Ian Wilson (2017 record held by Ian Wilson)

Open Championship results were:

Open Womens

Alison Sakurovs

Niushka Shrestha

Lillian Zhu

Open Mens

Matthew Vicic

Leo Zhu

Ian Wilson

Good luck to all of our swimmers competing in the 100 metre Freestyle & 100 metre Breaststroke Championship events to be held this morning.

Junior Swimmer Results

Congratulations to the following swimmers on breaking the times in the 15m, 25m & 33m races recently: (* broken at first attempt)

15m Freestyle

  • Marcus Chan *

25m Freestyle

  • Lucas Terry *
  • Harper Darwich *
  • Marcus Chan

33m Freestyle

  • Harper Darwich
  • Lucas Terry

25m Backstroke

  • Tomas Dlesk *
  • Petra Vozenilkova *
  • Lucas Terry *

33m Backstroke

  • Lily Palise
  • Tomas Dlesk *
  • Petra Vozenilkova *
  • Connor Mackie
  • Lucas Terry *

25m Breaststroke

  • Petra Vozenilkova *
  • Tomas Dlesk

25m Butterfly

  • Harper Darwich

Upcoming Meet Calendar

Check the website for the full list of upcoming meets, closing dates, programs and qualifying times.




Parramatta Inter-Club Cup

Saturday 11th November

Thursday 9th November

MSW Open Water Championships

Sunday 12th November

Wednesday 8th November

NSW Junior Metrop Championships

Saturday 25th November & Sunday 26th November

Tuesday 14th November

NSW Senior State Age Championships

Sunday 10th December to Saturday 16th December

Tuesday 28th November

NSW Open Water Championships

Sunday 17th December & Monday 18th December

Wednesday 8th November

Speedo Sprint Heats



Merrylands SwimFest

Saturday 17th February


NSW Senior Metrop Championships

Saturday 24th February &

Sunday 25th February


Speedo Sprint Finals

Saturday 2nd March

Heat qualification

NSW State Open Championships

Friday 15th March to Sunday 17th March


NSW Junior State Age Championships

Saturday 23rd March to Sunday 24th March