Accreditation is available for a number of credentials including:

  • Timekeeper
    A great place to start. Really easy (especially with the button timing system) and you will get a great view of race finishes. Always needed (three per lane plus a Chief).
  • Finish Judge
    An important position at manually timed meets. Involves deciding the placings of the competitors at the finish.
  • Check Starter / Marshall
    Marshalling of swimmers into correct heats and lanes for the start. The credential covers Marshals and Check Starters. An important position in all meets.
  • Starter
    Makes sure all swimmers are given an equal start (no movement, stalling etc on the blocks).
  • Recorder
    Seeds entries, processes results, checks times and also handles withdrawals, which helps the meet run smoothly by managing time effectively. A key position at all meets.
  • Referee
    Controls the meet and solves all problems. Knows everything in the NSW Swimmers’ Digest. Referees started out as other officials and became more qualified as their interest and involvement grew.
  • Inspectors of Turns and Judges of Strokes
    More technical positions, included in the qualification of Referee. Very important, especially in junior meets, as this helps the swimmers and coaches ensure that technique is correct.
For most credentials, all that is involved is a workbook and a competancy assessment.

Notes can be downloaded from the Swimming NSW website and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions of the assessor. Candidates should have gained experience in the positions before going to the exams, the experience gained by helping out at club races on a Saturday morning is sufficient.

The club organises training in association with the Metro South West ATSC Convenor each season. If you are interested in becoming a Technical Official, contact our Technical Official Coordinator on a Saturday morning or via e-mail: