Technical Official Accreditation is provided for a 4 year period and officials need to keep a log of their activities and complete a Reaccreditation Kit to renew their accreditation. Swimming Australia will contact officials who have an accreditation that is due to expire and ask them to complete the 'Reaccreditation Kit' and return it to their state swimming association (ATSC for NSW). Generally they will send a Reaccrediation Kit in the mail to your address, however sometimes this may not occur.

Reaccreditation is free and the link to the Reaccrediation Kit on the Swimming Australia website.

This kit needs to be completed, including details of club meets, other meets & other updating tasks undertaken etc. and then signed off by the Committee. Generally officiating at Saturday morning club days will meet the requirements of Officiating Practical and this is all that is needed.

As some expiry dates may occur outside the club season (e.g. in winter) it is important to complete the form whilst the club season is still running. Please check the expiry date of your current accrediation and see Graham if you need assistance in completing this process.

The club will keep an up to date list of all technical officials, including their accrediation level & expiry date so that assistance can be given to complete the reaccrediation process. Please see our Technical Official Coordinator to ensure your accreditation details are noted on the list.