Meet Procedures

Obtain a program and check your name against Event/s. If incorrect immediately see the Chief Recorder.

Marshalling Procedures

Any swimmer who fails to report personally to the Marshal at least ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled time for the start of that session if entered in the first or second events, or at the time of the start of an event at least two (2) events prior to the event in which they are entered shall be deemed to be withdrawn. Once reported, a swimmer is not permitted to leave the marshalling area unless approval is first obtained from the Marshal. All heats shall be deemed to be one event for the purpose of this rule.

For Example: If entered in Event 9, the swimmer must have personally reported to the Marshal before the start of the first heat of Event 7.

NOTE: Once swimmers have reported to the Marshal they must remain in the Marshalling Area until directed to their starting positions by the Check Starter. Failure to remain in the marshalling area may result in the swimmer being debarred from that event.

Coaches or parents are not permitted to be in the Marshalling Area. Refer Swimming New South Wales Ltd. Swimming Rule SW10.16.

In the event of there being sufficient withdrawal from the heats of an event, which would enable the number of heats to be reduced, the Referee may at their discretion either amalgamate heats by filling vacant lanes in a heat or heats with those swimmers whose heat has been cancelled, or reseed the whole event.

All entrants in meets conducted by Swimming New South Wales must abide by, and be subject to all the rules, policies and procedures of the meet as decided from time to time by Swimming New South Wales Ltd.

Starting Instructions

  1. When the swimmers have been placed behind the starting platforms, the Starter will announce the Event and Heat number, e.g. Event 4 Heat 3.

  2. On the long whistle from the Referee the swimmers shall step onto the Starting Platform and remain there, or for Backstroke swimming and Medley Relays, immediately enter the water. A second long whistle blast shall bring the swimmers immediately to the starting position.

  3. On the starter's command "Take your Marks" competitors will immediately take up their starting positions with at least one (1) foot at the front of the starting platform, and in the case of a Backstroke event, their position in the water and remain stationary.

  4. When all the competitors are stationary the Starter shall give the starting signal.

  5. Any swimmer starting before the starting signal has been given, shall be disqualified. If the starting signal sounds before the disqualification is declared, the race shall continue and the swimmer or swimmers shall be disqualified upon completion of the race. If the disqualification is declared before the starting signal, the signal shall not be given, but the remaining swimmers shall be called back, be reminded by the starter of the penalties, and start again.

  6. Swimmers must finish in the lane in which they start and will remain in the water in their lanes at the finish of the event. On the signal from the Referee, competitors are to leave the water.

  7. In an Individual Medley event the sequence of strokes is Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle. In a Medley Relay event, the sequence of stroke is Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle.

NOTE: If, because of the length of the programme "starting over the top" is used, swimmers from the proceeding heat are to move to the side of the lane, against the finishing wall, and remain still. When the next heat has started they should leave the pool by the sides as quickly as possible.